NCDT Enters Chainge.Finance

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2 min readDec 7, 2023 is transforming the cloud computing landscape by transforming the unused computing power of devices and established data centers into a dynamic and accessible resource.

And the standout feature? It’s 70% to 90% cheaper than comparable solutions, such as those offered by Amazon Web Services.

Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large enterprise, provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution for diverse computing needs.

In simple terms, is changing the game for computing power, making it accessible, affordable, and scaleable for individuals and businesses.

NCDT Token Integration with Chainge.Finance

NCDT token’s integration with Chainge.Finance is an essential development for users. Chainge.Finance is known for its secure, user-friendly DeFi platform, now extended to the community.

Benefits for NCDT Users on Chainge.Finance

  1. Secure Storage: Store NCDT tokens in Chainge’s self-custodial wallet, where you manage your seed phrase and fully control your assets.
  2. Simple Swaps: Directly swap NCDT for cryptocurrencies like USDT and ETH in the Chainge DEX.
  3. Flexible Sending/Receiving Options: Send and receive NCDT using various methods, including wallet addresses, phone numbers, or Twitter handles.
  4. Decentralized Escrow Service: Securely buy, sell, or trade goods and services using NCDT in the app’s escrow service.

Including NCDT on the Chainge.Finance platform adds versatility and security for its community, enhancing NCDT’s overall usability. This step aligns with’s commitment to providing an efficient, secure cloud computing environment at a more affordable cost.

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