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3 min readDec 6, 2020
Tobias Adler ( CEO )

Dear Community,

Greetings to all the customers and community members, hope that you are all doing well during this pandemic, I’m writing this post to acknowledge some of the recent activities happening in and around

Fluctuating Price of NUCO.CLOUD (NCDT)

Many users have noticed that our token (NCDT)’s price has fallen in the last few days. I have received several inquiries about what is going on.

It all started with the fact that we had attacks on our token by so-called dumping bots over several weeks since the beginning of November.

In cooperation with the exchanges and the police we were able to freeze the accounts of the attackers and stop the attacks.

However, this combined with the high price at the exchanges resulted in some customers taking profits.

On top of that, all the Altcoins have fallen a lot compared to Bitcoin. On the one hand, this is due to the season (just before Christmas and thus the end of the year) and that the Bitcoin dominance has increased.

We are positive that the price will stabilize again. The reason why we are very positive here is that our development is making very good progress and we are well ahead of our schedule.

Re-Opening of Sales directly from

Due to the significant drop in price, we have received many inquiries from customers who still want to purchase tokens but pay in EUR. These customers can now buy NCDTs from us again for EUR.

Purchases in Crypto will not be possible directly from us, but only in EUR.

Purchases in crypto can only be made via exchanges.

Developments related to NUCO.CLOUD PRO

I am proud to inform you that, we expect to go live with our first product this month (December 2020), or next month (January 2021), at the latest. This new product is called pro (formerly nuco.compute), the professional version of

With pro the computing power comes purely from professional data centers. The advantage here is that the computing power is immediately available and does not have to be acquired first.

The customer can filter according to various parameters such as location, hardware used, latency etc. once the customers are done with the service, they only pay for what they used. Isn’t that unique and interesting?

Negotiating with Prominent Customers

Also informing you that We are already in negotiations with customers who want to use our pro service to save a large part of their costs in terms of computing power.

The important part is that one of this customers is working with a large university on the development of a fusion reactor and is now entering the computing phase.

Understandably, we cannot give the name at this stage. However, we will publish it soon with the consent of the customer.

Future Collaborations with German Universities

We are also already in negotiations with several other future customers. Among others, we have re-established the contact with a major German university, which is responsible for the complete IT coordination of German university research and which is also interested in a cooperation.

So, you can see that there is a lot going on in the background. But unlike others, we try to keep a low profile until things are as good as dry and do not make full-bodied promises that cannot be kept. Which is not our way of doing business. You can talk a lot, but it all depends on the deeds.

With all these in mind, I wish you a nice relaxing sunday and look forward in sharing further news with you all.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Tobias Adler




Nuco Cloud is a sharing economy platform for network computing based on BOINC